Managing Statistics

Within your statistics you can first select a period for which you want to view the results. This gives you better insight into the development of your results. By default, the results of the last 7 days are shown. However, you can also choose to select a custom period or view the total results.


For conversations, you can provide insight into the average satisfaction with the handling. If you want to view target audiences separately, you can tick specific target groups on the left. The graph on the right shows only the average satisfaction of the target audience concerned. You can do the same for the type of message, under the selection for target audiences.

Handling speed

In the bar charts you can see how fast the processing speed of your incoming messages is in days. This period is calculated between receiving the message and the marking as “closed”.

You can also provide insight into the response speed for incoming messages in days. This is counted immediately after receiving the message and until you send a reply.


By default, the statistics of all target audiences are displayed together, so that the total is visible. However, you have the option to split this for the different target audiences. You can select this in the dropdown to the right of the “General” label.

Under general you will find a number of graphs, where you can always check whether you want to see the average of this project, of all your projects or of all projects in SitePodium. Within the amount of followers per target audience, you can also select the different target audiences.

These are the graphs you can review:

  • Number of followers
  • Number of followers per target group
  • Number of visitors
  • Amount of likes updates
  • Amount of photo views