Managing incoming conversations

When you receive a message in your inbox with “Conversation created”, you can click directly through the link to the incoming message (granted you are logged in).

A chat window with the conversation will then appear at the bottom right. When you start typing, the “send” button appears. After sending your message, the conversation starter will immediately receive it in the app under “Messages”.

You can also send images by dragging or clicking in the appropriate window.

Message type

At the top of the chat window you have the option to label the incoming message with a suitable label: Question, complaint, compliment or info. The number of messages per type can be made visible in your statistics at a later stage.

Adjust status

To provide an easy overview in the handling of your incoming messages, you can adjust the status of each message at the bottom of the chat window; pending, closed or open. This way you can easily keep an overview for yourself or within your team about the handling of incoming messages. You can also easily make a selection at the top of open and closed conversations.

When you close a conversation, it will be listed for your follower in the app under “Messages” under your conversation. There is therefore no longer any option to respond, unless you change the status back to “open”.