Managing general project info

Your new project needs to have certain parts filled out in order to be saved:

  • Cover picture
  • Project name
  • Project description
  • Location data
  • Contact details (in case conversations are enabled)

Cover picture

The cover picture is very first part your followers will see from your project. You therefore want to ensure it displays in the best possible way. Ideally you make sure that your image:

  • Measures 1920 pixels wide en 730 pixels high
  • Has a high resolution

Project name

Your project obviously needs a (catchy) name so that followers can easily find and start following your project. By clicking on “New project” you are able to edit your project name.

Tip: Try to avoid difficult language (jargon). Make sure your project name connects well with your followers.

Project Description

The project description allows your followers to learn more about your project. By clicking on “Enter a description here” you are able to either type a description or paste in a text from another document.

You have several formatting at your disposal as well. By selecting a word or sentence with your cursor, several options appear:

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Add a hyperlink

Make sure your hyperlink starts with http:// of https:// in order for the link to work properly.

Tip: Since you write your project description for your followers, it’s smart to use language that they can understand and relate to. What have been the motives behind starting this project? What will your project bring to the community?


Here you will need to fill on the (planned) start and finish of your project. Besides entering an exact date, there are several options for certain periods to give your flexibility:

  • Month
  • Quater
  • Year

Location details

You will need the following data in order to display the location of your project:

  • GPS coordinates
  • City

For more instructions, please review: Managing Location Details and Shape files


In case you decide to enable conversations, followers have the option to send you a message directly through the App. Images may be included as well.

Above the contact form you have the option to display a custom description or additional contact details. This can be filled by clicking “Description conversations”.

For the person that gets in touch, it is nice to know with whom they are communicating. We therefore recommend to make sure all details are filled out:

  • Image
  • Name
  • Job title
  • Phone number